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How to Be Part of Truly Texan

Membership is subject to approval.  We don't take just anybody.  This is a juried directory of artisans and service providers, not a place anyone can advertise.

So, why would you want your company and product/service featured here?  

  • We're the oldest online-only, directory of Texas companies who make and/or design at least some of the products they sell. Being part of Truly Texan gives your business more credibility with the general public and with search engines.  For more about our goals, benefits to you, and how we got started, see About Us.
  • The visitors you get through Truly Texan are what one would call "qualified leads."  The average visitor from a Google click will have a 60 to 70% bounce rate, meaning they leave the site as soon as they get to it.  The bounce rate for visitors from Truly Texan is about half of that because they've already seen and read about you and your product or service.
  • We are discriminating, meaning we look for quality.  While we would love to feature every big or small Texas company that makes or designs their own products, we can't bring ourselves to take money from someone whose work is not unique or whose website looks like a monkey did it.  (I used to say 12 year old, but most 12 year olds these days can build a really nice looking website).


1.  You must live in Texas. (If you later move to another state, we let you stay.  It's probably not your fault you have to move.)

2.  At least one product or service you offer must be of your design, or manufacture. i.e. no franchises.   Zazzle & Cafepress type stores are fine if you use copyright free images and your own text, or your own artwork to create products. 

3.  You understand that Truly Texan is responsible for website promotion, administration, & maintenance of the MarketPlace's common pages, and that we don't sell your products.  We promote them.  We are, however, considering a drop-ship program, so if that would interest you, please let me know.

4.  Your website should look professional.  If you only sell on Etsy or whatever, that's fine as long as there is a single page to which I can point visitors.

5.  I  have the right to remove your site from Truly Texan if I receive enough convincing complaints about your service/products or for any other reason I think is justified.

6.  You agree to post a link on your website that says "Member of Truly Texan - Texas Companies & Artists" (linked to and to promote Truly Texan and other Truly Texan companies when possible.

7.  You understand that advertiser payments are non-refundable. (Our rates are too low to mess with partial refunds).

8.  If you pay the setup fee and we decline your application for some reason, we will refund 100% of your setup fee!


RATES:  One-time $50 set up fee plus: one of the following advertiser options:

$30/quarterly, payable as a PayPal subscription for 1 product/service listing with your own company page which will describe your company and have a link to your website.  One of your products will be shown as a separate page. 


$75/quarterly, payable as a PayPal subscription for up to 5 product or service listings and your own company page. Your product or service (but not company name) will be listed periodically in our Google ads.   Each product appears on a separate page so that means much more visibility for you.



Paypal does not "warn" you of an upcoming payment.   They send you a receipt after they have taken the money from your account. 
Payments are non-refundable; that's how we can offer such affordable rates.

So if you wish to cancel at any time, notify us before your next payment (so we can find out why and, we hope, change your mind!). 

To cancel: Click the appropriate link below or log into your Paypal account and finding your subscriptions (under Profile) and cancelling the Truly Texan one.  We do not refund or pro-rate cancellations.   That helps keep your cost low.  But, on the bright side, your site will remain on Truly Texan until your prepaid time is used, unless you ask us to remove your listing immediately.

Strange but true:  I have turned down more companies than I have accepted since I started this company in 1998.   I really am discriminating in who can be part of our group.

Cindy B

Question?  Call me at (512) 663-8575, unless you're a salesman of any kind, in which case, I will, as politely as possible, hang up on you.  Now, let's get's started!


Pay the setup fee and I will get back to you after I've reviewed your site.  If, for some reason, I'm unable to accept you, I will refund 100% of the set up fee.

Company Name
Your Name




$10/Month paid Quarterly ($30)
1 product/service listing & a company page:

$25/Month paid quarterly ($75)
5 product/service listings & a company page:

Company Name
Your Name
Company Name
Your Name

Thanks & drive friendly!

To unsubscribe click the appropriate Unsubscribe link above.  If you pay annually with a check, just email me to let me know.  And, in either case, I would love to know why you'd wish to leave such a swell bunch of folks!   Happy trails!

Texas based companies who make or design at least some of their 
products may apply to be listed in our directory.

Showcasing Texas artisans and companies since 1998
* I do not accept everyone who applies.  In fact, over the years, I've turned down more applicants than I've accepted.

(512) 663-8575  (If you are a salesperson, please do not call me.  I fear I may be rude)

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